Artist Statement

i am a multi medium artist, that likes to explore, experiment, design and create. I am constantly honing my craftsmanship and redefining my self as an artist. My work varies from functional to ornate, two and three dimensional, interior or exterior, uninhibited by scale. 

The painter

My work for the past few years has been focused on the idea that everything is defined by what it reflects. Every color on every surface is not only represented by its true color but also by the colors around it and by the way it's texture affects that color. I find that this is also metaphorically true of the mind. We are what our mind reflects.



artist bio

 I have been developing my style for years, an exploration inspired by a mix of Impressionism, expressionism, graffiti, and the graceful brush work of Chinese calligraphy. Layering energetic brush strokes of colors and hues to the point when they reveal the depth of the subject, the result is somewhere between real and the abstract. My curiosity with this imagery is the movement and the way the surface can be simultaneously transparent and reflective, defined by everything around it.

I am a craftsman and have been working as an artist for over twenty five years, with a focus on painting, and willing to explore most any medium or motif. Working from photographs I have taken of moments in my daily life that inspire me, painting images that vary from still life to landscapes, from macro to micro, from abstract to impressionistic. The thread that ties it them all together is a bold sense of color and the knowledge that everything is a reflection of its surroundings, including the artist. My work is inspired by the masters, Renoir, Van Gogh, Klimt, Schiele, Pollock, Rothko, Louise Bourgeois, Joan Mitchell, as well as modern graffiti artist, favorite authors, musicians and fellow artist.

Studied art at Western Michigan University, and have explored workshops and learned from professional artist from Michigan to Seattle. I have shown in cafés, coffee houses, pubs, street fairs, galleries, studios, and homes, in Michigan, Illinois, California, Washington, South Carolina, and North Carolina. With collectors from all these states as well as Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Ohio, New York, Florida, and  Massachusetts. My work has been selected for the Artfield’s jury show for 20013, 2014 and 2015, was part of the Artpops program by the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte NC, also part of Charlotte Business Journal’s Book of Lists 2013 and 2014. 



artist resume


1407 Green Oaks Lane unit b, Charlotte, NC 28205



Working as an artist for over thirty years, oil and acrylic paint, small and large scale, fine arts, commercial, and residential. Worked on projects with the Charlotte area Arts and Science Council, ArtPop billboards, and Community Supported Arts program. Select three times for Artfields juried show. Participated and organized several local and region solo and group art shows.

mural experience

Seattle Washington

Bass Northwest - 1994 - guitar shop interior two large walls, album cover, and northwestern tree landscape

Pier 70 Bay Cafe - 1995 - interior walls of cafe, tequila and ice theme

Charlotte North Carolina

NoDa Yoga - 2013 - two large Buddha Seated in Lotus Flower Stencils

Theron Ross Studios - 2014 - Buddha Seated in Meditation Stencil, exterior 14'x6'

Repo Records - 2015 - Large Beatles Stencil, large exterior banner - 2016 - Buddha Seated in Meditation, large exterior banner

Lunch Box Records - 2014 - Small Beatles Sgt. Peppers Stencil, interior window display Line and prep cook for dinner and

Moo and Brew Pub - 2016 - Regional Craft Brewery glassware, 12 regional brewery logo glasses (3' tall) for exterior patio


Western Michigan University - Art Major - Kalamazoo MI - 1986 to 1989


Arts & Science Council - Charlotte NC - 2014 - ArtPop participant - 2015 - Community Supported Arts project participant – 2015

Art Feilds - Juried art show - Lake City SC - 2013 - 2014 - 2015

Charlotte Business Journals - Book of List - Charlotte NC - 2013 - 2014

Multiple Solo and Group Shows - 1996 - present